Are you looking to improve your skills in photography? I offer a range of one on one virtual classes on topics such as using your phone, using a DSLR camera and editing photos. Let’s get started on reaching your photography goals, book using the button below! And don’t forget to take advantage of our special pricing for photography mentoring as you can bring a friend for half price!

For larger group classes please contact me for details.

Phone Photography

A hour long class that will help you improve your mobile phone photography!  This class will provide you with tips about your settings, composition & light and to get the most from your phone’s camera.  We’ll also go over some free editing options to take your photos to the next level. $50

Intro to dslr

A two part beginners class that covers Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO & Composition.  The classes are one hour each with a week in between for the student to practice and absorb what they have learned.  $99


Not an absolute beginner? This two part class builds on the skills learned in the intro classes. We will focus on how to see and use different types of natural light and understand light temperatures. We’ll also discuss the difference between lenses for landscape, portrait and everyday use.  $99


LIGHTROOM is an excellent piece of software for organizing and making basic edits to your images!  In this 1.5 hour class we’ll discuss how to use LR to import, cull, make edits and export your photos.  This will be a hands on course, so you need to have access to Lightroom to fully benefit. $120

PHOTOSHOP Photoshop is a more powerful and creative editing tool.  It is often used to change colors in images, remove unwanted objects, making a face swap, and edit portraits for beautiful skin.   In this 1.5 hour class we’ll discuss using layers, masks and more!  This will be a hands on course, so you need to have access to Photoshop to fully benefit. $120