What Should I Wear to my Photoshoot?


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Besides asking about pricing and whether or not I’ll edit out their double chin,  this is the most common question families ask about their upcoming photo shoots.  And it’s a very valid question too because these photos will (hopefully) be appreciated for a lifetime!   So, here is a little list of tips on how to dress for your photoshoot.

First, think about comfort!

This is especially true if you have little ones.  They will be much more cooperative if their comfortable.  I shoot a lot of outdoor portraits, so you can think of things like, the weather, (think sweaty pit stains)  sitting on the ground, (grass stains) playing with your kids (something you can move in) and what your surroundings look like.   That leads me to the next tip…

Next, Color!  

If you are outside in a mostly green space, you’ll want to wear something that stands out and makes sense.   For example, green is probably not the most ideal color, as you would blend in to the surroundings.  I would stay away from black also, as it can be too formal.   Think about what looks good on you and colors that are complimentary to your surroundings.   On the color wheel, colors that are across from each other are complimentary.  So, if your surroundings are very green, then you could consider reds, oranges, pinks, etc.   But that is not a rule, just a suggestion!


Complementary Color Wheel.jpg

Try to avoid too many patterns!

If everyone in your group shot is wearing a different pattern, it could be very distracting to the overall image.  So, as a general rule, try to minimize patterns.   This also goes for words, or characters on clothing.   They too can take away from the image (and cause it to be very dated!) because your eye goes directly to them.


Lastly, think Coordinate, not Match!

It is best to choose a color scheme for your family and try to work with that.  Pinterest has a plethora of great color schemes for you to look at and get inspiration from!  Gone are the days of everyone wearing the same white shirt and blue jeans.  Mix it up, have fun, and you’ll love the results!


As a final note, enjoy your photoshoot!  The more comfortable you are, the better your photos will be!  So, don’t stress about looking too perfect, just soak in the time with your loved ones and make some beautiful memories!

If you have any ideas that I may have overlooked, please let me know in the comments! 🙂