Just for fun… How to create a levitation image in Photoshop

I believe that in photography and post production, not everything has to be practical.  Sometimes, I just want to have a little fun, and maybe break out of a creative rut!  That’s why I enjoy creating levitation (or fly away) images.  And the good news is, it’s really not that difficult!

The most important thing to remember is to put your camera on a tripod and don’t move it!  First, take a picture of your background.

BackgroundImage (1 of 1)

Next, you’ll want to add your subject, raised by whatever means you have.  I used a crate, but you can also use a ladder, a trampoline, another person or whatever you have handy.

RedUmbrella-Before (1 of 1)

That’s really the only 2 shots you absolutely MUST have.  The rest is done in Photoshop.  You’ll want to open both images together in PS with the image of your subject on top.  Then create a mask on the top image (of your subject) and paint out the crate (or ladder) with a paintbrush set to black (make sure opacity and flow are set to 100%).  Then, watch the “levitation” happen!  Your subject is suddenly floating away!

Below is the final image.  I also added a sky and made a few other creative tweaks to finish it off.

RedUmbrella (1 of 1)

Below is an example of another image I made using the same technique.Gwen Balloons

What will I do with these images?  Probably not much.  But I enjoyed the process and the results are fun!  So if you’re feeling like you are in a creative rut, maybe try something fun and frivolous like a levitation photo!


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