Change your view

One thing that I really love about photography is being able to show something common in a new way.  Most people photograph from the standing position, which is fine, but we all see things from that perspective.  If you want an image to be compelling, one way to achieve that is to change your view!  You can get very low, high, super close, or whatever you want.  Just make it different!

My back yard is cluttered with kids toys and I wanted a cleaner shot of my daughter on the swing without all the visual clutter.  So, I climbed to the top of the swing set and shot down onto my daughter.  It was definitely precarious and it made me remember my fear of heights, but I was happy with the results!

Below, you’ll see me hoping that I don’t fall while I get “the shot”, plus all the stuff in my yard.


And finally, “the shot”!  I took this with my Nikon D750 using my 35mm lens.

swing from above (1 of 1)

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