How do you get your dog to cooperate for a photo?

If you are like me, you’ve probably found yourself frustrated because your dog doesn’t seem to care about the camera.  But, one thing that dogs DO care about are TREATS!

So, the simple answer would be to have treats with you at all times.  But what if, perhaps, you are on a bike ride with your six year old and you find some beautiful evening light and you want an impromptu photo shoot of you and your dog, but you are lacking in bribery tools?  Never fear!  Set up the shot, show your child where the focus and the shutter button are, and then leave the rest to Photoshop!

As you can see in the following image, Einstein is thoroughly confused about what’s going on…

DykesB_Einstien (1 of 3)

Initial image where Einstein is ignoring my plea to “turn around!” It’s like he doesn’t even get it!?!?

DykesB_Einstien (3 of 3)

Secondary image of him “getting it”

DykesB_Einstien (2 of 3)

Final composite of a “well behaved” dog! (Plus, I removed the poop trash can and the random people)

All it takes is a little forethought and planning (and maybe a human tripod) to end up with a nice image of you and your dog!

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